Bird's Eye View

Large grey sheet of paper with words “Bird’s Eye View of the Occupation” traced in the center, in pencil. Grey bumper wall holds paper flat against the floor. Various smooth surfaces rest atop the main sheet of paper. Oblong balloons filled with pigment are adhered about the surface. Artist activates various motorized drawing apparatus and maintains them throughout the performance. Using a wooden bridge to access the center of the paper. With the aid of a helper, the artist moves the bridge to span different sections of the paper as needed. The artist and helper lift a pane of glass onto the surface. A robot draws with colors Red Green Black on the glass. The helper follows this robot with a cloth, spraying and wiping glass clean. More robots activated. All buzzing. A micro drone hovers about in the air. It is armed with a needle. It attempts to pop the paint-filled balloons. The drone operator is somewhere planted in the audience. All robots are on, humming together loudly.


Performance, Paper, Wood, Spackle Buckets, Motorized Found Objects, Drone: 9’ X 13’